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Our core values define who we are as a company. They have brought us to where we are today, and will carry us into the future.

Team Work


"Together we can achieve the impossible" is our belief and practice. Crème de la crème from various disciplines work as a team on every project, every endeavour – to deliver consistently exceptional products to our customers and clients. We do what is right, do it well and do it to win.

Respect for the Individual


Valuing diversity, ensuring an interesting and inclusive environment and treating people as we would like to be treated ourselves.



We inspire trust by taking responsibility, acting ethically and encouraging honest and open debate. We realise the importance of the job and of the information in our care. We understand the responsibility that each member of our team has to shoulder and we do that with the highest levels of trust, honesty and integrity.

Passion at Work


Work at Orbit involves constant innovation and creativity. It involves a continuous thought process to bring tangible benefits to our customers, taking into account the uniqueness of their desires and needs, and deliver to them our vision beyond.



As professional managers, we are conscious that Orbit has been given to us on “trust" by all our stakeholders. Our top priority is to optimise stakeholder value and interest on a long term, sustainable basis.

Community & Society


The pursuit of our goals and value creation is always guided by a distinct orientation for human values and conservation of the beauty of nature.

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