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Four Pillars

Orbit's four indispensable pillars – Quality, Technology, Innovation and People – are not just a set of beliefs and mottos, they are tangible metrics that we use to measure our patrons' expectations and exceed our own.


As a trusted premium real estate developer in Mumbai, Orbit Corporation is committed to delivering only the best, be it amenities that are the signature of every Orbit project, best practices like steel reinforcement bars, life-enriching enhancements like Vaastu and Aura principles, or the pursuit of excellence through our values of care for customers, exemplary quality control and a sense of dignity, pride and wellbeing of each individual associated with our endeavours.

At Orbit, Quality has many definitions

  • Locale – strategic South Mumbai locations blessed with stunning views of the ocean and the greenscapes

  • World class facilities – grand entrance lobbies, theme gardens, children's play area, swimming pools, health & fitness centers

  • Iconic brands in your home – Italian Quadruple-glazed windows, Burmah Teakwood door frames, Italian marble, imported marble bathroom counter tops, Grohe bathroom fittings, Villeroy & Boch sanitary ware, switches by Anchor Ave / NorthWest, stainless steel sinks by Diamond Blanco, Germany

  • Strength – Corrosion-free stainless steel reinforcement bars to enhance building life by multiples & heavy duty galvanised stainless steel water supply pipes for corrosion-free drinking water

  • Convenience – High speed elevators of up to 13 ft. per second with infrared protection in doors, multilevel parking with state-of-the-art car lifts in select projects

  • Security – Security systems including intercoms and CCTV facility

  • Care – Sewage treatment, Vermiculture systems, environment friendly paint, waterproof Renovo paint on external façade

  • Enrichment – Vaastu, Vedic & Aura conformed spaces


The state-of-the-art, reliable technology that we employ, gives us the confidence to assure our patrons of the best and to fulfil our assurances in spirit and in action. We extend the benefit of the Orbit AssuranceTM program to all customers of residential projects. Orbit Assurance is designed to offer our customers the assurance of specified quality standards across all our projects.

Orbit AssuranceTM

  • Guaranteed on-time possession

  • 20-year warranty on waterproofing arising due to construction defects

  • Sound-proof multi glazed Italian windows

  • Entire external skin clad with exquisite stone

  • Stainless steel reinforcement bars and Stainless steel 304 grade water supply pipes

  • Fail-safe fire protection & security systems

  • Green building – LEED or equivalent – compliance


At Orbit, innovation is not just the occasional originality of thought, it is a practiced routine, evident in many of the things we do that eventually makes us stand out.

Positivity through Vaastu & Aura

The homes we build spread positivity with the aid of age-old, proven practices such as follows:

  • To enhance positive vibes and ensure the wellbeing of residents, distinguished Aura consultants ensure that all Orbit constructions allow the uninterrupted flow of Auric and other positive energy into and through each apartment

  • Auric correction methodologies remove negative Aura, if any, and replace them with positive vibes, ensuring that physical, psychological, emotional and monetary wellbeing of residents

Care for the environment

Effective solutions to help conserve the environment without compromising on customer delight.

  • Green Building Certification – LEED or equivalent

  • Certified green (solar-powered) equipment for lower energy consumption

  • Rain water harvesting, waste water management, vermi-composting and waste management system

  • Anti-termite treatment for soil, substructure and super structure

  • Terrace garden, for ambience and thermal insulation of the structure

  • Designs that allow optimum natural light and ventilation, eliminating UV rays and reducing energy consumption


Behind the machinery, the materials and the technology that go into building dreams in concrete, is the brilliance of people. Each Orbit project bears the cachet of the genius of our renowned architects, planners and experts, and the perseverance and efficiency of our workforce.

  • Indian architects – Hafeez Contractor, Talati & Panthaky, Atul Desai & Associates

  • International architects – Wong Chiu Man of WOW Architects (Singapore), Burt Hill Inc. (US)

  • Co-ordinating architects – Nilesh Kadakia, Gajjar & Associates

  • Consultants – Pravin Electricals

  • Structural Design – Mahimtura & Mahimtura

  • HVAC Consultants – MEP Consulting Engineers & Spectral

  • Vaastu Consultant – Mr DD Sharma (Mumbai), Raam Subramanium (Chennai)

  • Vedic, Auric & Cosmic insights – Shri Daivajna K.N. Somayaji (Bangalore)

  • Quality Auditors – CQRA 

The Orbit Family: The family is constituted of key people from India's reputed institutes and organisations with decades of experience in Engineering & Design, Strategy, Marketing, Finance, HR, Law and Economics & Industrial Psychology. It's a family whose every member has an equal share in every zenith scaled and every accolade earned by Orbit.

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